There isn’t a second of filler anywhere on this record so far as I can tell.  Each track offers some new hidden nuance or hook or complicated wisdom that you didn’t hear the last time around.

The Red Chord

Fed Through The Teeth Machine is a clean sweep. Great tunes from beginning to end.

The Black Dahlia Murder
Deflotate is a solid, heavy record and is enjoyable all-in-all.
Fun Fact: Sirenia is the order of herbivorous mammals that we commonly refer to as sea cows. If I were a marine biologist, I’d certainly be wondering why the fuck a band would choose this name. However, my limited knowledge of Greek mythology tells me that Morten Veland chose it for reasons other than an infatuation with sea cows...
Skeletonwitch are well-skilled in punching out kick-ass old school thrash riffs, and though Breathing The Fire may sound dated, it is all-in-all a nicely executed release.